Abby by RowLow

RowLow, an artist from the future, stands strong once more with his latest release, “Abby,” which was created in honor of his ever-loving wife Abby’s birthday.

RowLow is a multidimensional entity and a galactic activation portal who has come to help universalize unique kinds of art and music while also assisting in raising the earth’s frequency to a more favorable condition. RowLow is a poetic visionary, musician, MC, actor, researcher, writer, journalist, philosopher, teacher, astrologer, and seasoned locksmith. It is a forward-thinking, born entrepreneur who is working to bring future ideas into the present. The word “brilliant” comes to mind. Since the age of five, he has lived in southern California after being born in Vienna, Austria.

The synthetic music is expansive and infectiously rhythmic – everything about it hugs the listener and delivers addictive elements that will likely keep you coming back for more—a spark of gratefully embraced originality in an overwhelming music world.

The synth-soaked vocals on this track sound great, again the best yet – the recording is top-notch, crisp, and clean, and the two-tone voice blends cleverly. The melodic moments lead well into the rap verse, and RowLow back to the familiarity of the song’s hook.

From the outset, RowLow moves with an increasingly intentional style of lyricism, impressing far more during its lifespan thanks to clever wordplay and having certainly found his flow and purpose with this track. 

The song’s hook rings louder now, painting a clearer picture of the artist as having as much of a grasp of metaphor as of the whole modern sound and relevant referencing.

The song “Abby” was explicitly written to illustrate and express RowLow’s feelings for his wife. “This I know, Give it all cause I love you, I do this for love,” for example. RowLow’s evident love for his adored wife, Abby, is obvious, and this is a one-of-a-kind love ballad for lovers everywhere that stands tall in the hip-hop arena.