“AFTER HOURS FREESTYLE” Unleashes TRAP G’s Miami Magic

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Embark on a nocturnal journey through the vibrant beats of Miami with TRAP G’s latest release, “AFTER HOURS FREESTYLE.” Hailing from the heart of Florida, TRAP G infuses the raw energy of the Miami streets into every beat, delivering an unapologetically authentic hip-hop experience.

As the opening track to his new album, “Cold In the AM,” TRAP G invites listeners to explore the tapestry of his mind during the bewitching hours from midnight to 11 AM. This album, meticulously crafted in both the UK and Miami, serves as a chronicle of experiences, a sonic timeline capturing the essence of cold nights and the dawn of new possibilities.

Listen to “Cold In the AM” on Spotify and join TRAP G on his quest to redefine the Miami sound and create a bridge between the streets of Florida and the vibes of the UK.

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