At War You Know by The Truth Tale

With the addictive and refreshingly original “At War You Know,” “The Truth Tale” injects a precise degree of personality and character into the present music industry, stylishly blending the distortion and weight of Alternative Rock with a surprisingly delicate vocal lead.

In 2011, singer-songwriter John Allen Mitchell formed the Indy / Alternative Rock Band Project The Truth Tale. The musical journey of The Truth Tale has been influenced by a broad spectrum of inspirations and life situations.

Catchy vibes immediately appeal to a delicate yet captivating opening moment, preparing the way for rock power chords and riffs, as well as a similarly dreamy vocal blended upfront and center despite its refreshingly quiet contemplation.

The song has a lyrical intent that is reflected in its aesthetic structure. Specific basic, poetic repetitions collide with an unpredictable soundscape evolution to create a style that essentially makes its own set of rules.

The production emphasizes the approachable Alt-rock aspect. Regardless, the live vibe resounds — these indie vocalists with personality, the words’ optimism in juxtaposition to the melancholy of the instrumental backdrop.

Once those early calling cards have been established, the song continues to build around and embrace the listener, the intentions overriding the unusual style and encouraging a closer, more intense listen.

It is gorgeous in its center, engaging on the periphery, and unabashedly suggestive of a genuinely unfettered artist.

To add to this, the song has a reasonably catchy hook resolution, with the title staying indefinitely after the music has stopped. It’s a solid start, and you can’t help but feel like you’re in it for the long haul — things are harsh, and an ever-immersive, and purposeful The Truth Tale is always in sync with that.

This is an exciting yet likably innovative take on modern music, with short and snappy vocal lines for an accessible component and shards of concepts about time surviving after things end.

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