BADAGE by G-Ness

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G-Ness is an awesome rapper and “BADAGE” is the latest release from this amazing artist to all the audience out there.  His music comes through initially with an atmospheric darkness reminiscent of some of the heavier hip-hop offerings from recent decades; their rap performances have the appropriate level of angst and confidence to carry this off effectively. As BADAGE” progresses through, the music that emerges is structurally quite complex, and the sound soon evolves into something more of an electronic rock or alternative electronica backdrop. The opening riff sets a certain scene, as does the gravel and character of the first vocal moments, but what follows creates a pretty different kind of ambiance.

The song leaves its mark almost instantly – the creative backdrop is a huge strong point, as are the unpredictable, somewhat awesome lyrics that consistently encapsulate this concept of being outcasts. It’s a well written song in many respects, not least of all for its unwavering lyricism. The idea is one that many listeners will relate to, and the way it’s been approached has something undeniably fresh about it.

The style and character speaks for itself more and more as the track progresses, and that hook section is huge – as mentioned; it’s really one that makes sure you remember it after listening. The musicality surrounding and supporting it is a big part of why it works so well. The production on this release is flawless, creative yet professional with every moment. Structurally the whole thing has been composed and crafted effectively so as to reach out and grab and later hold on to your attention right up until the very end.

As a  producer, this track is incredibly creative and has been flawlessly crafted to a superbly professional level. There’s a smoothness to it all, these dreamlike, occasionally rap sounding synths and samples. There’s also an overwhelming delicacy that makes you feel as if sitting perfectly still is the best way to receive it – not wanting to interrupt the peacefulness or break anything with erratic human behavior. There’s a blissful order and soft sense of movement to the music that carries your consciousness along as the whole thing progresses.

At one point the beat falls away, and the riffs, the ambiance that pours over you is intensely euphoric. It has the effect of leaving you feeling completely at one with your current moment. The notes chosen combine to give off something of a magical quality, a trait that isn’t often found in ambient music – this following of a certain riff or melody, this memorable collection of notes. The single has a hook, and that’s unusual, and beautiful to listen to. 

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