Been Bad For Me (Extended Version) by JERRY IMPINI

JERRY IMPINI develops his sound in an increasingly attractive manner, starting with modest, expressive beginnings. This is evident both audibly and in the song’s structure, “Been Bad For Me.” At first, what appears to be a reasonably traditional piano song progresses up an octave and outwards into highly emotional, surprising piano rock territory.

Jerry Impini is a classically trained pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, American songwriter, producer, Sony Music Entertainment, Distrokid, and Universal Music recording artist through the Spinnup, DK, and AWAL labels. He is the creator and pioneer of a BRAND NEW Original MUSIC GENRE called “DOUBLE PIANO ROCK” (contains a mixture of Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, and Country). He has also recently worked with Led Zeppelin/Elton John/Bad Company Hit Record Producer Stuart Epps on the remix of his Hot New Double Piano Rock Single Called “Been Bad For Me” (The Stuart Epps Remix).

His most recent Press Release has received nationwide coverage in the U.S. at Barnes and Noble Bookstores in “Pianist Magazine ” and select book stores nationally in the U.K.

His Spotify For Artists channel has organically streamed over 3.3 million through a growing and loyal fanbase of over 112,000+ followers.

Been Bad For Me” is a fantastic song, startling as the first of vocal melody and lyric, and emerging at just the right time to raise and engage listeners as a result of the artist’s creative freedom and lyrical courage. A calm shuffle of a piano track, upbeat in sound but engaging and melancholy in the subject matter.

Been Bad For Me” progresses and grows brilliantly, with approachable yet capable vocals that meet the mounting passion of the writing perfectly. Even with the lyrics’ high degree of originality, the whole song has a timeless aura of optimism about it.

Although the setup is reminiscent of ColdPlay, “Been Bad For Me” has the makings of lasting success, establishing JERRY IMPINI’s legacy in songwriting and demonstrating a clearly proficient and engaging manner with performance and rhythm. It’s well worth a couple of loud listens.

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