Before You Freq Out by Wave Modulation

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“Before You Freq Out” by “Wave Modulation” is not just a great track, but one of those accompanying visual streams that is more of a short movie than a music video. Really impressive; sounds great, feels powerful and optimistic, energetic, yet soft and sensitive in many ways – easy to feel involved in, and pretty compelling on the whole.

The track features hints of a pretty wide range of musical influences. As it opens up, the melodies from the synths and keys build a fairly relaxed yet vintage-sounding ambiance. The speed performance works really well over the otherwise mellow and dream like a backdrop. Alongside all of this, the thick and heavy beat throughout the track adds a real element of good vibes to the piece, an undeniable groove that seems to bring all of these different aspects and styles together.

The production on this track is superb, successfully shining the spotlight on each and every moment as is necessary. Everything sounds big, grabs your attention, then the music steps aside slightly to make way for the vocals, and later on everything returns and fuses well to build up the finished soundscape. There’s a lot about the track that is fairly retro sounding, yet it’s all so well polished that the sound is undeniably now. It’s fresh, and the visuals are fantastic; the style and the skill is evident from start to finish, and the artist carries these melodies and performance confidently and stylishly.

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