Broken Star Full Album by sTRAY tABLET

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Broken Star Full Album” by “sTRAY tABLET” showcases a talented vocalist and with a fairly unique sound. The track itself takes a little bit from the classic r&b sound, the mellow vibe, a story influence, and fuses it with an incredibly energetic video performance.

The song is chilled out; the ambiance is peaceful, the beat is light and easy going, plus, the lyrical substance is undeniably deep and valuable – what you get from all of this is a real moment of truth, reflection, thoughtfulness, and honesty. The music settles you down, and as the artist quite literally states in the final line – all in all, it really is something you can nod your head to. The added benefit is the story that is presented with a great message, however, is that there is much more to the track than just the music.

It’s a pleasure to hear something with meaning, delivered in a confident and effortless sounding manner, mixed in among a musical soundscape that really allows and encourages you to relax, to listen intently, and to think a little deeper for yourself; about the issues presented, and about your own role in the world.

The track has a lot about it that is unexpected and fairly unpredictable. It’s a beautiful few minutes to experience, and it draws no blatant comparisons at any point. The enjoyment comes partly from the freshness, and partly from the undeniably skillful way in which the music has been crafted and controlled to set a very specific sort of vibe.

No single part holds all of the value – it’s not simply a melody or a hook that you take away from it. The whole thing works as one, in precisely the way that atmospheric music should. It lets your mind breathe for a while, rather than focusing on its mistakes and concerns. It provides a little respite from the real world, which is exactly what we love about great music.

The character or personality that is so consistently evident in the vocal performance is hugely appealing. There’s an originality to the sound, the tone, the inflections, and the general expression and presentation of words, and this has great value. When you do listen intently there’s a fair amount of clever wordplay and a very confident and varied display of lyricism. Plus, the vocal melody, and the hook, really gets inside your mind, and it’s a pleasure to get caught up on.

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