Bupropion And Coffee by Vivian Pierce

Vivian Pierce’sBupropion And Coffee,” with its heavy wedge of warped indie rock and driving rhythms, reignites the intensity and pace of a simpler era.

Bupropion And Coffee” quickly weaves in a catchy, rising verse vocal, with short lines that are easy to engage for their anthem-like setup, from subtle yet momentary softness into explosive distortion and strong bass.

Bupropion And Coffee,” composed of unusually raw elements ranging from the spacious rhythm to the retro canned vocal to the regular crash of the drums, feeds into the Vivian Pierce sound while also seeming like an effortless and timeless song; alternative yet engaging on a broader level.

Indisputable a performer who enjoys the live side of creating and performing, Vivian Pierce is someone to keep an eye out for in the upcoming months as the worldwide music scenes get back into gear. He leads with a clear passion for the process. “Bupropion And Coffee,” a straightforward and unabashed introduction to the artist and his style, does so in a genuine and unavoidably contagious manner.

Vivian Pierce’s latest single, “Bupropion and Coffee,” is innovative, self-assured, shiny, rich, sophisticated, and beautifully produced, played, and mixed by all involved. When something like this takes place, it’s essential to pay attention and take note of it. I’m confident that repeated listening will only improve the overall experience. It’s true that it’s not simple to listen to. And, thank heavens, it is so.

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