Can’t Be With You by Mr. Rico Timeless

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There’s something addictively fresh about this latest release from an artist and rapper “Mr. Rico Timeless.” From the very first moment, the high quality and character of the production is crystal clear, and as the vocals come into play, this creatively structured yet undeniably focused piece of music and lyricism unfolds. The opening simplicity of those distorted bass notes sets a humble yet effective scene within which the upcoming, leading voice can completely thrive and overwhelm its audience.

The great thing about the song is that the music supporting the essence of it – the ideas, the melody – consistently works hard to enhance the current moment. As the song progresses, this haunting and almost other worldly ambiance unfolds and expresses various sentiments or various scenes, as it were, all of which feed well into the central story line or mood of the piece.

The style and swagger of that leading vocal is on point, the tone of voice, the confidence, the underlying message – the sound has rhythm and power and showcases a constantly evolving, ever capable lyricist and performer. The structure of the track pays tribute to that minimalist element in a way, there’s an abundance of creativity in terms of the layout – the arrangement of the lyrics, the verses, the hook – but for the most part the whole thing has been very cleverly crafted so as to draw your focus to the flawless finish of it all and the strength and energy of those vocal parts.

What also works well about it is the extent to which the leading vocal presents a sense of individuality and realness, the latter of which comes unexpectedly among what is a fairly psychedelic soundscape. There’s passion and emotion and reflective poetry within the walls of the song, and furthermore, everything surrounding the voice is played with skill and intent – not merely the meeting of experimental or alternative sounds and samples. There’s a musicality to it all that reinforces the realness and suggests that a live show would be pretty intense and most probably as close to the recording as can be.

There are some real moments of wow that have been woven into the mix; there’s quite an epic sense of craftsmanship about the whole thing. A definite recommendation, nothing like you’ll have heard before, an interesting and actually quite calming experience.

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