Cap Life by Bandupsick

With this newest single, BandUpSick takes on the hip hop scene head-on, moving quickly with the energetic and uplifting soundtrack – Cap Life aims to hit hard and keep an audience’s attention throughout.

BandUpSick, an emerging rap mogul from Chicago, is one of the top independent rappers to watch in 2020. The multi-talented lyricist has developed a unique style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought. In a world of cubic zirconia musicians, BandUpSick is a certified diamond. His strong sense of fashion is one of his distinctive selling points. “My music serves as a bridge between my fashion and my music.” The rhyming slinger praises, “It explains the lifestyle I am pursuing vs the culture I came from.”

Musically, this is a very appealing tune that hits you hard and delivers originality and grit in large proportions. The hook is where things really start to get inside your head, with a mix of riffs and effects, samples and sounds, as well as the primary and twisted repeat of that mainline.

BandUpSick’s distinctive voice is unquestionably another plus for the song and, ultimately, for his whole sound. The tone and delivery are far more catchy and swift than most current hip-hop releases. It’s a sound that seems genuine and severe – it entices you to listen, and it carries the rhythm and intensity of the lyricism in a bold yet fast manner.

The beat, in particular, in this track stands out for its well-adjusted balance of urgency and smoothness. You get the best of both worlds, and while it’s an exhilarating tune, the effect is delightfully subtle when played loud.

The music fits well with the popular tunes, but it also brings something new to the stage — something modestly experimental and creatively loose. The track is doing well right now, but it will undoubtedly do even better among hip-hop audiences in the coming months.

Cap Life is a rousing tune that plays with the listener’s energy levels fascinatingly. The complete release piques your curiosity about the artist and his creative range. I’m curious to see where his music takes him next.

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