CHOPSTIXXX by Luke Makes Music

One of the most melancholy voices and this amazing and heart-touching track “CHOPSTIXXX” has already done a change in the music industry. Luke Makes Music is one of the talented, young, and amazing souls who loves to make his own music and entertain people in a passionate manner. 

An ambient sound design blending soulful tones with a rhythmically addictive vocal progression makes this track more elegant and beautiful at the same time. Breathy and intimate, increasing the intensity throughout but only with subtlety – following the natural pulse of the soundscape, bringing in new rhythms, strings, further voices, blending trip-hop tones with more pop-inspired long-form verses line.

Great songwriting, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry. When it comes to the flow, melody, tunes, and amazing vocals, they all bring down the most attractive way of delivering the music to all the audience out there. CHOPSTIXXX will be your next favorite track for sure because this will lead you to another amazing way without a doubt. 

Some people are born to engage with music and Luke Makes Music is another amazing singer who is going to conquer the world someday through his most heart-touching vocals. Stay tuned with Luke Makes Music to witness his more amazing work in the future.

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