Christmas Passed by James Henry Bennett Jones

James Henry Bennett Jones is a violinist from Caerphilly, UK. James first started performing in public at the age of eleven when he was invited to play solo to five thousand by the National Symphony Orchestra of London Cardiff International Arena. A year later, James won Caerphilly’s Got Talent with his rendition of My Way.

In 2012, James won the Bertie Cox trophy for acoustic jazz performance. In 2014, when he was 15, James supported folk icon Dave Swarbrick, opening the show for the legendary fiddler. James has performed as a soloist on the BBC Proms In The Park series and has made various TV appearances, including on MTV. James has helped raise money for multiple charities through his playing, including Children In Need, Scope and the NSPCC.

He has released many tracks, and his songs on Spotify count their streams in the thousands. Those stats are indeed impressive. But what really sets James Jones above all others is his music style and his story. In addition to being young and ambitious, he is also really good at what he does.

We want to feature his new track “Christmas Passed” which is available is Spotify. I hope you all enjoy

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