Coming Home by Michael Kwok

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This release “Coming Home” from “Michael Kwok” is, by all accounts, one hell of a piano record. Everything from the crisp and addictive rhythm of that piano, to the inescapably infectious and energetic chorus section. The musical side of the project – the instrumental value, the riffs, the effects – it seems to successfully fuse a little of the organic with some of that acoustic and hypnotic synth style production – often heard in somewhat more amazing music. It’s a really strong and effective combination.

The music in Coming Home” has a beautifully mellow and soulful vibe to it, and what’s more; all the elements with which it has been crafted are superbly connected by that gorgeously expressive melody. There’s a beautiful tone to the soundscape, and alongside this – there is some really impressive and creative production from start to finish.

Everything shines brightly in this one – the work put into it has clearly been thought through, looked over, and essentially made to count. Later on, as you get further into the track, the performances are sensational. The key change adds this whole new dynamic, bringing the track smoothly but surely forward from the peacefully mellow to the passionately massive. The outro builds and builds, then appropriately fades out as it rides along on a pretty incredible note; one that blends so very well with the end of the music.

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