Cooking Dope by Nino Fresco ft. Kinfolk Fross

Cooking Dope” is a unique musical universe with dreamy keys and the usage of voices as a percussive driving force, along with energetic lead vocals from Nino Fresco and Kinfolk Fross.

Christopher Shawn Grady Jr. (born December 22, 1994) is an American rapper, composer, record producer, actor, streamer, and entrepreneur better known as Nino Fresco. Nino Fresco began with the moniker Snugg Jizzle. His fan participation has resulted in a one-of-a-kind movement. 

Nino Fresco’s tunes have featured Gutta Tv, 1100 Phats, Moody Badazz, Amp Kidd B, A1Nino, Cmadd, and Ronello Cash @tayman. Nino Fresco has worked with Jay Fizzle, Gutta Tv, Ed Dolo, Sakway Sauce, Eside Shawty, YFF PEDRO, Matashia @10K NBA Meechy Baby, Miss Madi, and others. Nino Fresco is the CEO/FOUNDER of AllMoni Music Group as well.

Cooking Dope” is an enthralling and lyrically stunning introduction to the artist and his talent. This song alone fills the airwaves with a nearly infinite variety of pictures and ideas. 

The soundscape has a relatively simple, timeless look to it, and this space allows the words and the artist’s voice to stand out even more. This single will require more than a few listens to grasp and appreciate the content’s complexity fully.

Musically, the track is outstanding. It has that classic Southern Hip-hop atmosphere – calm but somewhat upbeat on the edges. Nino Fresco has the right amount of enthusiasm and confidence in the flow to ride the beat efficiently and captivatingly.

Incredibly fascinating “Cooking Dope” whizzes through in just two minutes, leaving you worrying if you blinked and missed it. 

The mix itself is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed. Everything seems louder, and there’s a fantastic sense of whirling excess about the whole thing, giving the listening experience a psychedelic flavor.

Cooking Dope” has a lot going on: it’s dramatic, ever-shifting, and intriguing. This may drown out some tracks, but here’s an example of how to do something complex without blowing it—a fantastic partnership with a beautiful environment.

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