Corona Christmas by Thunder Claus

The touchingly significant and enchanting piano and strings introduce the drama and cinematic appearance of this superb new alternative rock single, “Corona Christmas,” from composer and performer Thunder Claus, which is a heartfelt Rock Christmas song dedicated to his son, who was born during the Corona Christmas Season.

The vibrant melody, the casual singing, the unmistakable aching and emotional tendencies of the lyrics – contrast works brilliantly, and this song captivates for precisely these features, a calling card of Thunder Claus.

Thunder Claus has created a timeless classic with this release, which is charming by design while melodically contagious and adequately accessible thanks to its uniquely recognizable, sincere vocal lead. The song’s hook is both familiar and exciting at the same time.

As the song progresses, it explodes into life, transforming into a massive rock outpouring of undying love for a significant other. In both production and progression, “Corona Christmas” is a timeless style yet a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rock tune. The lyrics are humble, but the arrangement is intricate enough to let them shine.

The swagger and back-and-forth set-up for massive impact in Thunder Claus’ “Corona Christmas” is an easy highlight and personal fave. The vocal all-together-now near the conclusion piques curiosity in a live performance — a moment of artist’s apparent love for his newborn son in this Christmas season that harkens back to a simpler era.

Brilliantly captivating, thought-provoking, and unmistakably unique. I’m looking forward to returning and enjoying Volume II.