Cosmic by JAY STAXX

On his latest Song, Cosmic, Jay Staxx drives with absolute confidence and evident love for music. The single has a mildly hopeful atmosphere that is relaxing and partially genuine, caused by the smoother side of hip hop — those jazz café vibes – rather than a heavier and harder-hitting style.

Jay Staxx, Co-Founder, and Artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records. It’s a family business in San Diego, but he’s from St. Louis. His fans know him as Jay Staxx, but they also know him as Diaper Man. He raps, dances, and acts. 

For the last three years, Jay Staxx has been rapping and dancing. He loved to dance. In October 2018, he gained a large following for his role as Diaper Man, which went viral in several media. 

Then, in April 2019, his mother passed away. He took it hard because he hadn’t seen her in five years, and their last recollection was his taking her to the mansion parties in Los Angeles. He had given up on all he worked hard for before she died, but now “he is back like Gucci Mane.”

The tone of Jay Staxx’s voice and his relaxed but rhythmic approach to performance is ideally suited to this type of musical atmosphere. The whole thing has a certain elegance, and it sounds fantastic – immersive and dependable for anyone looking for a classic, easy-going hip hop single with a hint of depth to it, for example.

The single, Cosmic has a raw and honest feel to it; you quickly become accustomed to the sound of the lead singer’s voice, and whatever the subject matter of the song, you can rely on it to explore the thoughts compellingly.

Musically, it’s a joy to listen to this tune — it’s the best way to start your day in nearly any situation. That element of leadership is strong yet subtle – you know the artist knows what he’s doing without him having to yell about it or include needless weirdness within his soundscapes to attract attention from afar. This is simply good music with smartness and resultant freshness to it. It’s well worth listening to the whole thing.

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