Count Me Out On This One by The Truth Tale

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“Count Me Out On This One” by “The Truth Tale” is a beautiful track, bright and colorful instrumentally, melodically uplifting, and lyrically heartfelt. The Truth Tale

 brings the strength of considerate songwriting and a smart sense of craftsmanship when it comes to creating and maintaining a certain mood that all at once draws emotion and induces a sense of calm. “Count Me Out On This One” is a great introduction to the band and a wonderful way to see it in the new season.

The moment within the track when the rock vocal comes into play underlines the central character of the song. The melodic parts are important, the ambiance of these and indeed the fact that this is where the hook lies – the thing that connects and becomes memorable to listeners. However, once the vocals begin, there’s a whole new scene to explore. The sound of the voice, the flow, it all adds to that original element of the unexpected. The music is smooth and everything works well to maintain this, but there’s also a certain truth to it all.

The musicality of the track has much more to it than the average rock beat tends to offer. The opening few moments showcase a fresh use of synths and sounds that seem new yet that effectively still represent the same simplicity when it comes to the chords and notes chosen for the signature riff. What works in the genre has been considered and given a modern-day tweak so as to keep things exciting – reaching out for those audiences who love the sound and realness of rock music, but presenting them with something a little left of what’s expected.

The great thing about a song like this is that its foundation is undeniably solid. The effort and skill that has gone into making the record have resulted in a reliable, go-to single that in fact gets better and better the more you hear it. It grows closer to you each time you press play, as many of the world’s greatest hits tend to do. That connection between the singer and the song starts to come second to the one between the listener and the song, and that’s a powerful thing – and a wonderful gift.

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