Crybaby by josy b

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josy b offers up a stylish bit of RnB alongside a smooth and easy to get into soundscape that highlights her skill for songwriting and her passion for performance. The song is beautifully mellow yet notably soulful. The artist’s leading vocal performance has a wonderful warmth and strength to it, and the song is well written with just enough of that quirky, unique sense of character to really make it stand out.

The key melody or hook of the song has the blissful intensity of a classic, the nineties to early noughties dance track. The lyrics are kept to a minimum, and the hook is the main thing you take away from the whole thing – the simplicity is hugely effective. The backing track takes an industrial-sounding beat and stirs in some summer-time synth sounds, and as things progress, the music that comes into play is an unexpected yet brilliantly fitting addition to the work.

The track is an easy-going, easy to enjoy a piece of music and writing, yet it stands tall for a number of reasons among its peers. As mentioned, there’s a distinct level of passion in the performance, and it comes not in the form of louder moments or excessive musical build-ups, it comes simply in the rise and resolve of the lyrics and the emotion with which they are sung. The rhythm is nicely mellow and everything together brings out good vibes in full force.

Structurally the track isn’t an obvious one to follow. The music works, the evolution occurs throughout and it makes sense, however unpredictable it may be. The music furthers this unique angle and takes over the latter half of the song superbly, as opposed to merely stepping into the spotlight for the sake of variation. The instrument, whether organically performed or otherwise, is given a freestyle presentation of sorts, a solo even, that lingers longer than expected and redirects the mood of the song just slightly as things move away from the power of that vocal melody.

As mentioned, it’s an unpredictable fusion of elements, but all in all the vibe has a familiarity about it that is likely to bring with it an enjoyable level of nostalgia for many listeners. The freshness is the added benefit, the new words, the new concept, the new voice – it all helps in making the music really leave its mark. The sound and the feeling the music gives you last well after listening.

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