Dangerous by Jonah

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Jonah’s latest release “Dangerous”presents a hugely varied arena of instrumentation. The sound is big, leaning partly towards the distorted world of hip hop, and partly towards the more rap-influenced edge of creative video. The single portrays each moment really well, taking full advantage of the benefits of structural exploration in music, moving confidently from the big moments to the gentler, more electronic riff-oriented ones.

Structurally there’s a whole lot to appreciate about this release, and that adds a lot of value. Rather than rapping over some disconnected backdrop, or making things overly personal or inaccessible, the audience has been considered at every step, yet not to the disadvantage of the track’s individuality. It’s a perfect balance. The intensity is heavy and the personality is clear, the music builds and builds, develops and evolves, captivating you at every step and drawing you in further and further until the soundscape erupts into this manic and rhythmic, show-stopping Hip Hop moment.

The music takes up a lot of space within the track, it’s not merely a backdrop for them to consistently rap upon, the pair have crafted the release with music and mood in mind, and this creativity is something that shines consistently. The melodic section is repeated relentlessly towards the end of the track, giving off that electronic hip hop even an EDM vibe – as mentioned earlier. The vibe remains fairly mellow, but the whole thing takes on a new and unexpected identity. This is something that seems to be true throughout Jonah’s catalog of releases. Fans of original and creative hip-hop should check it out. 

The production on the track is on point, the mix allows each moment to shine as it should but all the while maintains that easy-going energy and holds up the good vibes; the smoothness and the crisp sense of character are represented in equal parts. Lyrically you’re likely to take away the concept of enjoyment over material things, and yet, in addition, the final few moments of lyricism touch on something much darker and of notable depth – a hint of things to come perhaps, an artist with something else to say; a further dash of realness and a clever way to finish. Stay tuned with this awesome soul to witness many more amazing works in the near future.

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