Dealing With Addiction by Timmy Turn Up Ft JStreet

Following on from a string of impressively creative releases, Timmy Turn Up and JStreet ’s latest single takes things to even greater plains of originality, with a soundscape and subject matter that reach out with authenticity and freshness. Meeting a somewhat punk style backing riff with a heavy hip hop rhythm and rap vocals, the track offers a sense of delicacy and intimacy intermittently with the passionate outcry of the voice.

Timmy Turn Up and JStreet is upcoming hip-hop artists duo from Pittsburgh Pa. they have good chemistry between them which makes their work sweeter to the listeners. JStreet is taking the full attention with his amazing raps and he is unstoppable. Combined with Timmy Turn Up vocals the industry has been blessed with track after track that has never been missed even once. With their music, they speak to our imagination and we will feel the experience within a bubble away from the world. His parents gave him the support he needed to chase his dream to be a hip-hop artist.

 Timmy and JStreet have since been blazing and gaining recognition. The lyrics declare a state of being stuck, a level of lostness and uncertainty that connects for its openness and the clear rasp and soul of the delivery. Production-wise the whole thing feeds into the contemporary sound with the back and forth between rhythm and calm, the affected voice, the long-form verses during the latter half – the progression from poetic simplicity to a more freestyle-like detailing and diary-esque release to break the tension.

Ultimately things continue to resolve beautifully with the hook – it’s memorable, relatable, inclusive, and ready and waiting to be the alternative, emotional anthem of all who feel similarly displaced in recent times. One thing for sure and two things for certain, they know how to create a banger.

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