Deuteronomy Hypocrite by ELI H

ELI H’s Deuteronomy Hypocrite is anything but expected, as it masterfully blends the high intensity and weight of dance with the boldness and grit of hip hop and the Faith-driven transparency and loyalty of Christian writing.

With its particularly expressive tone and character, ELI H’s voice is presented here in a meandering form as completely rap-like vocals aimed to inspire, with a simple, dreamy backdrop, and there’s plenty of space. Deuteronomy Hypocrite functions as a relaxing and motivating, subtly original release. It introduces the artist’s work in a thoughtful and rightfully authentic manner.

This recording speaks volumes from a creative standpoint and displays ELI H as an innovative and genuinely expressive artist. The song has many references to faith and dedication to a higher power. Altogether, there is a lot that welcomes a range of different listeners into the process. 

As a central theme, Deuteronomy Hypocrite gives a beautiful tune that is both mournful and optimistic at the same time — it’s a decisive moment that stays with you long after you’ve finished listening. This is also a phrase that is simple to personalize.

Deuteronomy Hypocrite is a brief but unforgettable burst of confidence and style, bringing the entire song to a close in a manner that makes you want to listen to it again in its entirety. It is a refreshingly raw vocal performance that is still in line with the contemporary sound of hip hop.

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