Dirty kicker by Dstroo feat Tman

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“Dirty kicker,” Dstroo’s latest collaboration with Tman, is an entirely cheerful and instantly identifiable new song, even after just hearing it once or twice. It’s refreshing, stimulating, and innovative. It presents viewers with the sound of two musicians who are aware of their objectives and influences while remaining true to themselves – in a subtle yet confident manner.

The swift vocals drag the ears while the synthetic drum line in the background keeps listeners on their toes and wants more. The song works as a brewing storm, quickly comforting, evidently inherent to Dstroo and Tman’s approach, and possibly foreshadowing their impending rap ascension.

“Dirty kicker” is a piece of music with a catchy percussion line and uplifting smoothness that draws you in from the outset, as well as a soft yet memorable melody-line that is followed by the lead artist’s initial, startling rap performance. During those verses, the performance’s tremendous energy adds a powerful degree of passion to an already inspirational piece of music and writing.

“Dirty kicker” has a simple notion that fits the tone of the music, as well as a few keynotes that make it stick in your head. Again, the backdrop is easy to vibe to, lively, and quick to surround you. This is what you learn to associate with Dstroo’s music; the mood is consistently engaging and infectious but never lacking in enthusiasm.

Dstroo and Tman’s voices have an undeniable sense of character and originality, which is bolstered by their flow and story-telling. You immediately get used to their technique, and the song comes through beautifully. This release serves as an excellent introduction to their sound.

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