Distractions by VPK

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Distractions” by “VPK” is a rap track with a touch of Hip hop vibe that brings a stunning amount of delicacy, detail, and soul into the mix. There’s something quite vintage about the sound in a way, the instrumentation has the thickness and bounce of hip-hop hits from a decade or two ago, though there’s undoubtedly a fresh level of energy to the whole thing.

From the offset, the beat has the organic lightness of a rap session. Those real-time elements appear in a hypnotically rhythmic manner and surround you with positive vibes and the sort of purely sourced musicianship that both impresses and calms as it pours out around you. In addition to this, the song’s sentiment, the leading performance that drives the lyrics and the melody through – these opens up the floor to an ocean of ideas and further optimistic vibes that fit in perfectly with the mood set by the music. 

The track is driven by keys, for the most part, you get a number of delicate synth riffs that emerge as central cogs in how smoothly the track moves along. In addition, that opening vocal melody makes itself known in an instant – it’s memorable, recognizable after even just a single listen, and then when you get to the rap verse the mellow energy here fits in again and adds that necessary touch of contrast to really help the song stand tall.

The track’s energy is on point and it feels good to listen to this as the summer months make their way into view. The passion inherent in the concept and the leading rap voice – all of them equally – is a big part of helping the track connect with all of us who categorically agree with the song’s sentiment. It’s inspiring, energizing, and hopeful. And all the while, the music maintains a mellow level of vibrancy that allows you to totally chill around it.

Distractions” seeks to soothe and simultaneously leave you hanging on every word as those rap verses emerge. On top of this, the sense of structure that the track has comes in part from VPK’s ability to adjust his performance according to the current moment. You don’t get tired of the beat, on the contrary – you grow more and more in tune with it, mesmerized and entertained by it, which gives the whole thing that essential, addictive quality that will keep listeners coming back again and again.

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