DoN’t LeT Go by Ridge The Kidd

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Ridge The Kidd gets colorful and profound with his latest Hip hop/rap blend, “DoN’t LeT Go,” by creatively combining engaging tones and highly expressive lyricism, intermingled amidst a rising energy beat and soundscape, furthering the overall artistic appeal.

The next act is Ridge The Kidd, whose songs may be screamed and shouted along to. He had a lot on his plate coming from Lewisburg, Tennessee. His childhood wasn’t ideal, but neither were the challenges he experienced as a child.

After a long journey of sadness and drug abuse, he eventually decided to devote his life to music, having been a massive admirer since he was a child. His key influences were Michael Jackson, Kevin Gates, The Kidd Laroi, and many others. He’s currently focusing solely on music and constantly producing his own tracks. It was the man who figured it out!

Throughout an uplifting, encouraging, and unforgettable “DoN’t LeT Go,” dreamy production and gritty, upfront vocals create a captivating rhythm and progression.

“DoN’t LeT Go” delivers an unmistakable vocal sound and degree of emotion from Ridge The Kidd, tapping into the sound of the moment with hip hop tendencies and storytelling, emo-rap hints of modern design yet the clarity of production as well.

The tune shows the artist’s free-flowing creative character. It creates a vibe reminiscent of legends of a more straightforward period, with unique sound design and softly catchy vocals mixed upfront for authenticity.

“DoN’t LeT Go” is structurally unusual for its journey from artistic and soulful to gritty and informational. It uses the current style – hip hop and emo rap tones – but weaves in a noticeably intentional undertone that impresses its depth and honesty.

The song’s tempo is fast, the musicality enhances it, and the softly mixed, rather humble vocals add a refreshing aspect to the mix. In a nutshell, “DoN’t LeT Go” is the Lewisburg musician’s intelligent and refined comeback track.

Despite its nearly two-minute duration, “DoN’t LeT Go” effortlessly works its spell – the track is gently catchy and non-intrusive in creating that all-important earworm. It’s also immediately uplifting, removing the weight of the world, proving to be naturally pleasant, and urging a replay due to its fresh finish and timeless quality.

Ridge The Kidd is now working on his debut album, which he plans to release at the start of the summer! Keep an eye out for updates.

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