DON’T TELL ME by Yung Daril & JXSH

A rightful combo will always come up with great ideas and deliver their music in the most passionate way. Yung Daril & JXSH are well talented and young artists that you all can find on the Rap and Hip Hop platforms. “DON’T TELL ME” is the latest single that they have released to all the audience around the world. Great songwriting, and amazingly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry.

The amazing fact is Yung Daril & JXSHdo know their areas and they blend together in a nicer way and this whole thing makes this track more alive and unique at the same time. As you all listen to “DON’T TELL ME”, immediately you all will figure how creative the production is and contemporary rap rhythms meet with an equally modern auto-tune lead and a refreshingly emotive storyline and melody as well.

Yung Daril & JXSH have come up with an awesome video as well and this whole thing will give you a chilling vibe inside and out till the end. Uniquely ambient, the fascinating sound design offers a striking look into the depths of this track. The whole vibe, flow, melody, and every sound design add a true color to this piece of work. Vocals are doing a magnificent job in this track and both artists very well know how to bring a unique touch to the track through their amazing vocals.

It is time to listen to this awesome track without delay. Check the link below and stay tuned with Yung Daril & JXSH to see more amazing work in the near future as well. 

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