Dreams by Mr. Michael Kwok

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“Mr. Michael Kwok” returns this month with a beautiful track “Dreams” that has been recorded in a raw yet wonderful manner. The release is fairly simplistic instrumentally, yet you can tell from the first few lines the singer performs that something very real and emotional has been captured. Sometimes you just need to catch that perfect moment when recording new music, and all else will fall into place. That’s definitely what you get here.

There’s a lot to love about this release. The music comes through as this mellow set of vibes; a simple wave of synths, a gentle beat with a touch of melancholy just setting you up for the ideas that follow. And they are some fascinating piano chords, expressed by means of a smooth and somewhat sweet melody.

Musically speaking, the song is a solid piano melody that soaks you in organic instrumentation and makes for a professionally structured, gradually evolving composition. This, combined with the raw and skilful performance on the piano, makes for a minimal yet powerful soundscape. It is undoubtedly the artist’s performance that drives the essence of the song, its message.

Mr. Michael Kwok comes through as a deeply thoughtful and genuine artist. The whole thing furthers this feeling significantly, but even just listening to his music – you get a sense that this is all very real for him, that it means something. This deeply personal melody can often detach a track from its audience, but in this case the words intrigue and welcome you all at once. At the same time as being an effective bit of escapism for you, as a listener, the song feels as if it’s also a necessary bit of therapy or escapism for the artist – as if it helps to reach out and express in this way, to connect with an audience through music.

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