Dusty Road by Kelsie Kimberlin

The freshly released, pop single Dusty Road brings us a meaningful message in this Pandemic to carry on our lives even if it is hard. Filled with a calming melody and a charming voice, Dusty Road is the next best pop song you can listen to.

Kelsie Kimberlin is a 22-year-old American musician and singer. Her work is not only accessible and entertaining but also steeped with important social themes and dual meanings, underscoring her deep understanding of the power of creative music to evoke change. From an early age, Kelsie immersed herself in music, singing in choirs, participating in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and spending much of her childhood in music studios working on an endless stream of original songs. She participates in every aspect of her art — writing, recording, performing, and filming her videos.

“Dusty Road” is an ode to moving on in life, sometimes happily and sometimes wistfully. At some point in our lives, we realize that relationships or circumstances have put us in a rut, and we have to break free, often with a certain bitterness that those we loved or depended upon did not carry their load, so we have to carry it ourselves. At the same time, we can look back at those old shadows with a certain mischievous delight, knowing that we were able to find new happiness, and nothing was able to hold us down.

The dusty road flows through a mellow tune with minimalistic melody and soulful and delicate vocals of Kelsie. The slow tempo and the music, along with the video capture take us to a solitary road in our mind, feeling helpless and alone. Yet, it tells us to go along the road until we find the end.

Dusty Road is unexpectedly mind-touching, especially because of this Pandemic as we all are stuck in our homes without a social life and freedom. We all want to get out of this trouble in our own ways.

Dusty Road is brilliantly crafted, intriguing and memorable, yet honest and realistic enough to feel familiar to a wider audience.

Excellent writing, nicely portrayed – I look forward to hearing more.

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