Either Way by P.G.L.U

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P.G.L.U has been skilfully and charismatically paving his way through the alternative music scene in recent months. As the audience,  We fell in love with the magnificent stylishness of this awesome track “Either way” which takes the Hip Hop and Rap genre, and also his smooth and hypnotic riffs, and their memorable use of melody – not to mention that signature voice as well.

Either Way has a brilliantly awesome and unique sound to it, musically – something undeniably fresh about it. The performance throughout has such a flawless flow to it, the voice itself bringing that notably unique tone, a touch of that real-life gravel in the vocal, adding massively to the overall effect of the music. You know the sound once you’ve heard it, and there’s a hell of a lot to get stuck into once you’ve discovered his work. Behind those vocals, you get a vast and varied array of synths and beats that will make you feel hyped as well.  Among the leading vocal performances, you get to know the artist a little, you get used to the style and the sound, the lyricism – realizing pretty quickly that there’s a lot to like about this music, and a whole lot to get addicted to.

The interesting fact is P.G.L.U’s love for music and that’s something you can’t fake – not believably at least. This awesome soul does what he has to do with great precision, but precision is something that comes with practice. Passion, on the other hand, is something far more deep-rooted. It passes on to audiences who witness it, and it makes for a much more momentous and memorable occasion. It stretches the meaning of the music much further than the reach of the lyrics.

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