Encore by Ocean’s Envy

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Ocean’s Envy is a Dallas, Texas based powerhouse of a band from frontman Kurt Mantheiy. 

Ocean’s Envy’s latest release Encore” offers up the classic warmth of a well structured modern pop song. His vocal ability is strong, the melody on this moves quickly through the notes and moments – there’s very little calmness among it, just high energy, high passion – his voice carries this well.

The soundscape on this release is really interesting, the use of the repeated lyric presented by means of an awesome soundscape adds to this overall feeling of there being some sort of initiation or secret ceremony in motion. The depth and pride of the leading voice really adds something that makes you feel involved, it makes it all seem relatable, so you listen to the words, you consider the universal aspects on display, and you notice every single beat and sample that passes by. It’s a striking piece of music, artistic as ever but also cleverly entertaining in a new and currently incomparable way. 

Encore” is a huge song, yet it’s something of a slow burner – the opening verse emerges as that of a simple pop track, an easy going dance rhythm with a gentle leading voice drives the song’s story-line through in an accessible way. As things progress, a feeling of intensity starts to grow, energizing you in the process. The pre-chorus adds a touch of distortion, further waves of rising energy, and an overwhelming sense of anticipation. Then for the chorus itself, the song’s central moment – the big finish – the hook hits with brilliant impact.

There’s something very classically stylish about the song and whether it’s nostalgia or freshness or freedom, the result is that it leaves you entranced by the spell of the music. After that first hook, the rest of the song holds even closer to your affection. The melody is familiar now, the build up makes sense – you know where it’s going, you know what to expect and look forward to. That pre-chorus steps up to the stage again, things start to evolve, and this time, when the chorus smashes back into life, you’re completely on board and fully involved in the moment.

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