Every Moment by Russell Leedy / Kings Of Carlisle

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Kings Of Carlisle’s sound is something of its own creation entirely. His name and indeed the title of this latest release “Every moment”, even the artwork, suggest perhaps a classic outpouring will occur as you press play. However, the assumption is the enemy of creativity, and what you actually get is something incredibly melodic and uniquely crafted.

The music itself brings a touch of nostalgia in a way, the classic sound of music simply doing what it does best – enhancing or removing you from your current life experience. The opening line adds to this nostalgia in a powerful way, and to top it off, the leading vocalist brings about the gentle yet compelling tone and subtle strength to make this an absolute dream to listen to.

Kings Of Carlisle’s latest release presents a beautifully smooth and soulful few minutes of music, progressing with style and all the while detailing the human experience with subtle yet significant passion. As is often the case with his sound, the song develops into more of a rhythmic and uplifting piece, rather than maintaining simply a dreamlike atmosphere. However, in this case, the soundscape holds onto the smoothness as the energy just slightly intensifies, meaning that what you get from it is something that hits with emotional presence above all else.

There are some notably gentle moments within the release that creates a powerful contrast with the more bold-sounding ones. The lyrics are simple yet each one of importance is repeated just enough times to make it really sink in. Every Moment” is the first to hit hard, the feeling multiplied by the surrounding music. Then the hook, the questioning nature of the lyrics here provoking certain ideas and adding to that mysterious element that the soundscape comes with. The leading vocal is beautifully on point throughout the song, the singer’s range adds a level of appeal that is not always found in this music, and it works well. Kings Of Carlisle is doing his own thing entirely, and the sound shines brightly as a result.

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