Expergefactors – Cage (Lyric Video)

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The fusion of influences on this release “Cage” by “Expergefactors” is superb, or perhaps it is the freedom from such that allows Expergefactors to create and express himself in a new and greatly appealing way. There’s a definite sense of originality and character to this track and indeed to the accompanying video, which offers something fresh and strangely addictive for audiences to embrace.

The rhythm and overall backdrop to the piece has a fairly simplistic and even organic sound for the most part. The beat, the retro keys, the gentle use of notes, the slightly haunting vocal melody playing out behind that which brings the lyrics – it all makes for a captivating and unexpectedly emotional few minutes of listening. The artist’s leading voice has a classic and joyful tone and performance style, yet the lyricism presented brings something of a chaotic, frustrated, deeply human sentiment – an outpouring of ideas addressing a significant other, almost like an unapologetic diary entry. This touch of realness is incredibly personal, yet it’s approached in a way that welcomes you into the mix, that reaches out to you as a listener, and in many cases the lyrics or certain lines connect with you specifically, with your own experiences.

The lyricism on this track is superb, but even on witnessing the words – it’s the flow of the leading artist, the passion and rhythm of the performance, that ultimately drive it in the most striking way possible. The music is fairly minimalist in many ways, the soundscape builds up towards the heaviness of rock music in the distortion and the manic energy of it, but beneath everything is that thickness and confidence of rock.

The way in which the artist presents his songwriting and performance style has a touch of 70’s rock to it that’s not unlike that of the era’s releases. The gentle nature of the introduction makes for a powerful contrast with what follows. The artist’s adjustment of his own vocal performance feeds into the change superbly, and the song hits hard with every step of rhythm and energy and emotion. This is the refreshing sound of songwriting that is free from imposed, societal standards, that showcases creative freedom, yet that satisfies effectively as all skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured music should.

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