Falling by Ozan Turgay

Beautiful from the start for its carefully crafted synth embrace and the blend of artwork and title connotations – Ozan Turgay sets the scene with ease as his brand new composition, “Falling,” takes listeners on a much-welcome Journey.

Ozan Turgay creates electronic soundtracks with a mix of standard and unique components. In this scenario, the up-front in the combination, the sudden velocity of the bouncing rhythm reaches out and quickly attracts attention.

While the sound has a defiant personality, it also has a solid link to the subject matter. The uplifting and growing nature of the music reflects the topic’s healing brightness. And this sense of self-awareness runs across Ozan Turgay’s whole discography.

EDM tones are mixed with peppy production and synthesized layers of inventiveness for a truly unique sound. Ozan Turgay takes a unique approach to current music and delves into the subject of infatuation with a refreshing sharp mind.

Musically surprising, brief yet intense in its impassioned, fearless relaying of the subject matter, and evocative of the type of artist at work.

There’s a definite thread of artistry and purpose running through the whole thing. In addition, outstanding craftsmanship allows the finished track to connect in a way that only the best electronic dance music seems to be capable of. The proportions are just right.