Falling through my hands by Versamine feat. Elevando

Versamine’s new coloration, “Falling through my hands,” with Elevando, sets you up with a synth downpour crafted for and devoted to uplifting audiences into the upbeat electronic warmth of pure energy. It’s as evocatively compelling as it is musically engaging, and it makes for a stunning listen.

The Versamine project began in Turin in 2017. (It). His love for electronic music grew so intense that he decided to put his mind to it, developing a distinct sound as a means of expressing himself.

The influences are numerous, and he is constantly on the lookout for raw and gritty sounds to contrast with a brilliant and colorful melody.

For his current tune, “Falling Through My Hands,” feat. Elevando began a new project based on Synth Wave sounds, blending Elevando’s pop background with a more synthetic one.

Begin with the immediately blissful energy and intimacy of “Falling through my hands,” the soundtrack is quick to brighten the atmosphere. At the same time, it is intertwining a memorable yet synthpop pop vocal line, which moves from familiar verses to an unexpected hook, creating an overall sound that is pleasant and fresh.

In the wake of a forceful start to the composition, a Versamine-style hit of instrumental ecstasy, the voice quickly enters the picture, introducing a new level of artistry into the process; a more approachable edge; an addicting, simple melody; and a hook that emanates passion and brightness.

The build-up to this point is fantastic. The combination of the instrumentation and the vocals creates an emotionally charged build-up to the boldness and delight of the song’s concluding minutes.

With cinematic accuracy, “Falling through my hands” serves as an easy highlight, with its outstanding design serving to underline a wealth of elements that suit the writing’s thoughtful, artistically profound character with cinematic precision.

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