FAME by James Zada

“FAME,” a smooth and colorful new tune from James Zada, is a tribute to the late great George Michael and was written and produced by the singer-songwriter James Zada himself.

James Zada is a well-known record producer who has sold over a million albums around the world. He has received numerous prizes, including a Gold Disc.

His music has been included in a number of worldwide television series, including the critically acclaimed Friends.

James founded Hot Tub Records to promote up-and-coming vocal talent, such as Ryan Simpson, who competed on The Voice in the United Kingdom as a lyricist.

Interestingly, James Zada’s silky singing style drew the notice of a significant music promotion organization, which saw enormous potential in him.

“FAME,” a song that is dedicated to the visual of its subject and that features an easily remarkable, soulfully wandering vocal line of pop freedom and welcome, is delivered with a lo-fi backing and a vocal that is contrastingly forward.

The quietly confident leadership provided by James Zada throughout the intimate listing style and enticing melody serve to lift the entire track to a higher level.

“FAME,” which is accompanied by a straightforward yet professionally captured set of visuals, embraces long-form, near-whispered, emotionally expressive verse lines that draw inspiration from the soul outpourings of recent giants.

“FAME,” which combines pop feelings with a meandering voice that’s mild and occasionally near-falsetto, stands out on the weight of its rising hook rhythm and the classic character of the arrangement, among other things.

James Zada aims high, given the brief sense of quiet from pop and soul-pop in the mainstream of late. With this release, he hits the bar – showcasing faultless and recognizable vocals, amidst a quickly engaging songwriting style, with production that easily beats the mark.

“FAME,” an excellent reference to a more specific period – and a fitting testament to the talent and energy that James Zada brings to the stage – introduces an artist at the top of his game vocally, with a somewhat surprisingly humble approach to production and songwriting.