Fatebanz feat.Big Homie Fendii- Degrees

Fatebanz takes complete command of the process throughout this entertaining piece of hip hop music, “DEGREES,” which features Big Homie Fendii, stylishly merging quick bars with stunningly innovative, almost careless, and minimalist method of sound production with slurry visuals.

Proving time and again that an ongoing demonstration of talent and passion combined with professionalism can rarely be connected with a single track – that hard effort, prolonged songwriting, and mastery of the craft are required. “DEGREES” by Fatebanz is an incredibly uplifting, increasingly engaging new composition that quickly progresses from good to great to superb throughout the course of its existence.

The single begins with a unique reflection but a noticeably topical, progressively moving, and a relevant string of ideas, stylishly putting together a welcoming, engaging feel from the start and a swiftly impressive and dynamic vocal flow.

The song’s setup is excellent, with a few simple building parts — the catchy riff, the optimism, the light beat, and those instantly recalled hook melodies. Even if you only hear it as background music, it feels like a radio-ready hit with enough cleanliness and openness to appeal to a slightly more contemplative audience.

A simple setup and an engaging beat meet with lots of room to accompany a series of forceful vocals, clean-cut and refreshingly forthright, to carry you through the confidence and grit of “DEGREES.” Things begin on a high note, yet the basic beat and careless swagger of the lyrics and delivery demonstrate an ambition to lift the standard and refuse to conform to expectations.

“DEGREES” is a strong song. Every Fatebanz release is astounding, distinct in its own expressive and captivating way, and highly impressive from rap and production. This is an easy one to crank up loud as you begin to reclaim control of your year.

Fatebanz is quickly creating one of the most exciting and unforgettable pieces of music of the new decade. Participate.