Flying with the Wind by Michael Kwok

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Flying with the Wind” is an incredibly stylish single with a fresh and spacious modern day twist. Michael Kwok’s performance offers the softness and emotion of a delicate yet experienced leading melody, and the way in which this particular song develops allows those qualities to really shine brightly.

The structure of this song presents a number of changes throughout that come as quite refreshing and notably unpredictable. There are moments of complete calm, instrumental minimalism, where your focus is entirely on the soundscape and the honesty of the track. Then in contrast, there are rising moments of intensity, sudden shifts in melody.

It’s a clever and easy to enjoy song, the rhythm and the piano sound is captivating and atmospheric in itself, adding immensely to all of this though is the strength and character of the leading artist’s performance. This is far from just another awesome song, there’s more to it and in fact the genre of the release comes second to the feeling the music offers up to its audiences.

There’s a really good sense of balance within the release, and that makes it work well. The crucial elements of melody and composition have been incorporated, so the sound is effective – professional, crisp, warm, smooth, enjoyable. On top of this though, there are just enough flickers of individuality and flair to make it really stand out – it becomes instantly memorable, recognisable. The Michael Kwok sound is one that is likely to draw listeners in from all musical preferences – for the skill, the style, the enjoyment. Hopefully it keeps them coming back again and again for future releases and live shows.

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