Foundation by jazzgroupiez & Saul Madiope featuring ThandoNje

Jazzgroupiez, SAUL MADIOPE, and ThandoNje present a relaxing jazz-to-funk atmosphere and soulful hip hop/RnB kissed vocal arrangement in the form of the aptly titled “Foundation,” which serves as yet another gloriously organic get away from the weight and strife of the world.

Todd Moultrie, a native of Beaumont, Texas, started in 2013 as a fan site to connect performers with a global audience and fuel his enthusiasm for Black American music, particularly jazz, R&B, soul, blues, and hip hop. His debut millinaissance, Jazzgroupiez, was released in 2017, and he has subsequently released a series of EPs and singles on digital and vinyl.

Todd’s music has been featured in publications such as the Hot House Jazz Guide and Chicago Jazz Magazine and on a Times Square billboard. On albums, he collaborated with artists such as Saul Madiope, Farnell Newton, Johnny Long II, Nolo, Friday, Stephen Richard, Master P, Tino Martinez, Nyota Parker, Mr. Collipark Killa Kyleon, and Big Pokey. Evolve and Crossover, his EPs, debuted at the top of the Apple Music Top 200 in South Africa in 2020, and he is now licensing music from Jazzgroupiez to HBO’s “In Treatment.”

“Foundation” has a timeless feel to it from the start, which means it’s easy to get into. However, the more closely you listen, or with each replay, the more the details and intricacies shine out and wow you, making the song even more enjoyable. As is always the case, this includes outstanding musicianship.

“Foundation,” which captures the sound and talent of the artist, is both philosophically considered and stylistically pure at the same time. Clean-cut vocals and the organic instrumental set-up provide a welcome change of pace in the present hip hop/RnB and Jazz landscape.

And, in order to add even more diversity to his repertoire of originals, “Foundation” expands the scope of melody and color to even greater heights, resulting in a gloriously immersive, delicate hit that keeps true to the meanings of its title in a gorgeously evocative way. 

With a great contrast between delicate melodies and appealing vocal flow, a piece like this may genuinely make an effect when it is played.

“Foundation,” the latest Soundtrack by Jazzgroupiez, is a joy to listen to and a perfectly-recognized piece of music and performance.