FREE by Cuarenta

Cuarenta” takes the term ‘FREE’ to a whole new level. From the offset, the music lays out certain manic darkness, and the leading vocal that pours through surrounds you with layers upon layers of multi-faceted bars and complex, thought-provoking ideas. This is not music for those with a limited vocabulary, this is music for those who like to think outside the box, who like their art to reflect their mindset and their energy. The song is chaotic and vibrant and intense, and you feel this with every beat and every bar that passes by.

FREE” is a fairly complex song in terms of the ambiance, the effects, and the details. However, to listen to it is to find your mind either wandering freely among the chaotic and colorful soundscape, or following the leading vocal melody along with excessive closeness – the latter simplifies things a little and makes it feel more accessible in some ways, but both elements in unison make it work on a new level. The song is all at once delicate and striking, allowing you to escape into the music and the moment if you choose to, or redirecting your thoughts entirely as you witness this soulfully prominent voice delivering these unexpected lyrics that paint a picture loaded with personality.

What emerges initially is light and dreamlike ocean of synths that paint around you a delicate aura of calm. A few seconds later though, the dream falls away, and reality kicks in – this tribal-like beat appears, along with the perfectly fitting vocal melody delivered by a chorus of voices, and the now distinguishable instrumental moments that dive in and out of the mix like heavy foot-steps marching to the rhythm of the song’s sentiment.

At under three minutes long, the song feels surprisingly big – the soundscape is heavy, and these cascading riffs come through via both distorted guitars and lighter, more delicate synths; plus everything in between. The beat itself leans in the direction of hip hop more than anything else – this is particularly apparent during the track’s intro. Later on though, a slightly more industrial, which works well in helping create this fully theatrical or cinematic audio experience.