Free The State by Young Philos

In this upcoming song, Young Philos goes all out musically and thematically. “Free The State” is a modern hip-hop anthem that becomes instantly memorable once it hits the airwaves.

Young Philos is a young hip-hop musician and producer from Seattle, Washington. Philos, a Garfield High School and University of Washington alumnus, grew up with a love of music and basketball, which helped form him into today’s man. He grew up in the church and has always had rhythm and rhythms in his soul. Though he mainly creates music in the pop and trap genres, he is not bound by convention and enjoys making music in all genres. 

Young Philos, an artist with African roots and a Christian upbringing, uses both to create solid and hard-hitting compositions that set him apart. Young Philos fuses his competitive nature and passion for basketball with the hardness and grit of hip hop music to create music unlike any other. He is a genuinely one-of-a-kind artist and musician who quickly establishes a name for himself in the hip-hop and rap circles.

On this latest release, Young Philos lights up the room with his flow and vocal style. “Free The State” begins with brightness and tone. It never lets up until it’s over, with more character than ever, a relentlessly upbeat, energizing rhythm and tempo, and an underlying beat that’s genuinely colorful and melodically on point.

Musically, “Free The State” has a strong beat; those riffs provide a dance vibe – the synths used have a contemporary look to it, while the vocal rhythm and references therein undoubtedly tip their hats to today’s hip hop sound. The tune has a melodic, uplifting backbone that helps make it more accessible; yet, rap confidence drives it. It’s a straightforward release with a nice bounce.

A single listen to this song is insufficient to understand every word entirely, and the notion of Young Philos has expertly blended. “Free The State” is a superb piece of music, with brilliant lyrics and a beautifully humble delivery style; a real breath of fresh air in today’s hip hop world.