“Ganga Gnomes”: A Quirky Musical Adventure from Gary Hempsey and Team

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Embark on a whimsical musical journey with “Ganga Gnomes,” the latest creation by Gary Hempsey and an ensemble of talented musicians. Inspired by hidden garden gnomes coming to life in the presence of music, Hempsey weaves a tale of garden keepers who double as party enthusiasts. These lively characters care for the garden while cultivating a secret pot haven.

With an electric twist on bluegrass, the Ganga Gnomes band features an all-star lineup, including Matt Backer on electric guitar, Geoffrey Lowe on bass, Randal Harrison on fiddle, Randy Morrow on drums, Alex Ricci on acoustic guitar and mandolin, and Marjory Lee on backing vocals. Executive produced by Mat Smith and recorded at Warm Fuzz Studio by Ian Shaw, “Ganga Gnomes” is a vibrant, upbeat track that brings the characters to life.

Immerse yourself in this fun, imaginative musical experience on YouTube.

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