God Wassup? by Chilldren of Indigo feat Cure for Paranoia

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The production’s stylishly dreamlike style adds a creative edge to the captivating rhythms of the contemporary scene. Meanwhile, we get a beautifully delicate, spiritual yet Swift RnB vocal lead that guides us through a nostalgic and memorable long-form tune. “God Wassup?” by Children of Indigo, a hip-hop, rap, and r&b song featuring Cure for Paranoia, instantly sets the tone.

Chilldren of Indigo is that band, a broad and proficient group of multi-instrumentalists who draw inspiration from various sources, including Black Sabbath, Fugazi, Kendrick Lamar, and Billie Holiday among many others. The Wu-Tang Clan, in contrast, is BY FAR our favorite clan.

Children of Indigo is a challenging band, to sum up in a few words. The genre-bending Dallas, Texas natives appear to recreate their sound with each new release.

In spite of the fact that it began as a studio project, they went on to develop their live performance and perform at prestigious locations such as the Granada Theatre and the House of Blues.

Their high-energy show must be seen/heard/felt to be fully appreciated! Indigo’s music appears to cross genres, from hip-hop festivals to sharing the stage with Dio’s supporting band, Last in Line. With an ever-changing approach, it’s impossible to predict what this band will do next.

Life-long artists and band Chilldren of Indigo celebrate freedom of expression with a soulfully addictive new single, “God Wassup?” that blends genres with style and ability.

Rightfully drawing attention across the field thanks to their artistically imaginative and continuously entertaining commitment to music, Chilldren of Indigo grabs affection with equal parts skill and enthusiasm.

The soundscape is excellent, the bass line is snappy and elegant, and the track fills the space in the way that any strong composition of a Hip-hop, rap, or r&b song should, from the lowest to the highest notes.

An addictive RnB flavored hit with a simple, catchy hook that continues indefinitely, a refreshing, quietly inspiring take on the present hip hop/rap sound. Chilldren of Indigo has their unique sound. Expectantly, there will be more music to come.

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