God Wassup by Chilldren Of Indigo

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Chilldren Of Indigo returns with the realness and style to remind you what hip-hop can really be – the poetry, the creativity, the ambiance, the energy. God Wassup” features a beautifully atmospheric musical backdrop, one which lightly raises the artist’s smooth and focused rap vocal performance to the point that each and every one of his lyrics hits with strength and meaning.

This is a song that strikes first of all for its lyrics more than anything else. The music has the vibrant energy of Hip Hop fusion for the most part, but what makes the lyrics hit with even more impact is the structural shift from this, the fullness, to the gentle, spacious, uplifting melody of the hook. The more the music draws your focus to that key idea, the more you’re likely to find yourself considering and appreciating the little things in your own life. That’s what great music does – it lets you escape from a small mind loaded with concerns, and it surrounds you with thoughts and feelings relating to those things that really matter. It makes you feel good, grateful even, particularly in this case.

Structurally, everything has been thoughtfully arranged, the whole track crafted in a way that reiterates the rising passion and the movement from the softness of the verse to the more memorable melody of the hook. All the while, the melody in general and the musical backdrop maintain that element of Hip Hop. There’s a sense of the unpredictable to it, not following any set path or finding itself confined to the rules of modern Hip hop or radio standards. The creativity of everyone involved shines brightly, and this adds to the individuality of the completed composition.

The rhythm offers consistency, the thread throughout the release. The chords do the same, the retro sound of the keys, fused with the electronic almost awesome vocal sound – which is simply another riff, presented as a change of scene, a development in the storyline. The beat itself has a lot of character and this shows the whole thing to be something that is fairly instantly recognizable once you’ve heard it just once or twice.

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