MOE MOKS brings you the vibes once more with his new single, “GOTTA DO RIGHT.” He drives with a clear sense of excitement, creative sound-play, and a classically engaging vocal style. He pays homage to the legends of yesteryear while offering a hard-hitting original designed to reawaken the original devotion of the Hip Hop/Afro/Alternative art forms.

The Nigerian-born music artist MOE MOKS first appeared in the mainstream with his song ROCKETS, which saw five remixes, appearances on two albums & 2 TV shows. The uplifting jam ROCKETS is being played on radio stations and recognized by many viewers on YouTube and listeners on Spotify.

MOE MOKS grew up in Houston, Texas, after escaping a dictatorship army (Lagos to Abidjan). He persevered through many hardships on his journey through music. Once homeless in Boston, he followed up hard times by making record after record with series such as 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS (40), where Moks made 80 songs in 40 days.

Moe has lived a nomadic lifestyle and isn’t just an afrobeat or hip-hop music artist. And he’s an every beat artist with influences that range from Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Fela Kuti, Anita Baker Sade, and even the Beach Boys. MOE MOKS is set to show the world why he’s different.

With this musically varied and hard-hitting new composition, “GOTTA DO RIGHT,” MOE MOKS effectively injects a new level of originality and passion into the hip Hip Hop/Afro/Alternative realms.

“GOTTA DO RIGHT” starts with ambient production and interesting progressions before throwing in a strong, striking lyrical backbone that combines nicely with the distinctive wandering vocal melody below it.

MOE MOKS’ voice reaches out from a humble role within the mix – not bathed in effects, not drenched in loudness to gain attention – riding alongside a catchy yet uncomplicated beat, with a vintage, nostalgic musical back-drop, and riff that’s readily recognizable.

The intensity rises due to changes in the voice’s excitement, changes in the flow, and a movement from direct drive and commitment to references to a more laid-back love of the process and the great moments.

A lively percussion beat and a dramatic classical string arrangement establish the tone, creating an exciting and robust atmosphere. Then there’s the afro-kissed vocal, which is unexpected in this context but immediately assured and pure in style and delivery.

Specific production elements contribute to the growing enthusiasm for MOE MOKS’s performance. In its statement of making it big, competing, and knowing how to win, its voice evolves from easygoing to moderately intense.