Gutter World by Stray Tablet

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What a beautifully huge feeling of amazing message you get from this latest release “Gutter World” from artist “Stray Tablet.” The opening instrumentation sets a very awesome vibe and even though this video is quite long it talks about the bitter truth of the world. As you listen to the music, it is the very modern-sounding electronic synth riff, filling out all of those gaps that somewhat more organic music would often leave behind.

As the leading vocal comes into play, any doubts you may have been holding onto are fairly instantly washed away. The artist’s voice is every bit as stylishly soulful as the music supporting it. The sound and the tone throughout are seductively smooth, and yet on top of this, there are some real moments of wow in the performance. “Stray Tablet” sings with ease, with style, and with great skill and control.

There’s nothing at all predictable about this song, and as mentioned, it has that Stray Tablet stamps all over it, from the moment you press play. It’s a voice like no other, there is so much feeling, so much good-hearted nature behind the music. Stray Tablet doesn’t simply stick with a familiar or safe formula for putting songs together, the artist follows his own path entirely, creating and crafting whatever it is that comes to mind – in a way that is full to the brim with personality and flair.

It’s such a strong track, even with all the technical details aside; genre, style, direction – the fact of the matter is, it’s a track you can turn on, turn up, and get completely lost in. It’s a beautiful performance, woven stylishly into a lush-sounding piece of music. There’s a whole lot about it that feels brand new – he’s an artist you’d want to do well, purely because of that something special that’s been created through the sound and the performance.

The music is lovely to listen to, the familiar sound of Tod Stray Tablet’s voice brings everything we loved about the album back into our lives, and the song itself has been, as always, so very well written, and so openly and genuinely performed. It’s impossible to listen and not feel something. Listening to the accompanying video in particular really illuminates the honor and value of the song. It’s the perfect way to draw attention to something as important as this. A beautiful, simplistic yet powerful piece of music, straight from the heart.

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