Highest Highs by EnHeart

At first, you hear one of the fascinating sound designs, which will attract your ear, heart, and soul.  Artistically on point yet rooted in the weight of authentic, classic pop and production. EnHeart is truly a musical creature, who has the power and the passion in her blood. “Highest Highs” is one of the amazing tracks that was released and this is fascinating and powerful.

The name of the artist, EnHeart, is inspired by the word enhearten, which means to give or restore strength and courage. She always creates music that inspires, empowers, and uplifts listeners to reach their highest potential and to reclaims the truth of who every one of us really is.

Structurally on point, Highest Highs leads with a likable introduction but resolves with greatness as the hook sees the music and vocal unite for a clear display of brightness and confidence.

EnHeart believes that each human being on this planet is the expression of the Divine, connected to the Highest Creative Power, which is within each and every one of us and she hopes that her music brings every listener peace, self-acceptance and self-love, inner wisdom, and most importantly freedom. Freedom to express ourselves in just a unique way. Brilliantly unique, memorable, and increasingly addictive as it progresses through an artistically tumultuous yet satisfying lifespan. 

Deep down vocals add truly amazing color to the track and as listeners, we might need to listen to the same more than once. The whole thing is top-notch, and the classic, organic and humble arrangement helps draw focus to that, making you appreciate the purpose and honesty of the song all the more so. 

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