Highest Highs by EnHeart

Stunning vocals of a breathy and soulful quality lead us through this softly enveloping soundscape and song from artist EnHeart. “Highest Highs” is an awesome track that has one of the soothing, melancholy vibes and this whole thing urges you to listen and of course, you can relax and maintain a right mind. 

EnHeart, is inspired by the word enhearten, which means to give or restore strength and courage. This amazing soul creates music that inspires, empowers, and uplifts listeners to reach their highest potential and reclaims the truth of who every one of us really is. So “Highest Highs” also carries a different and great meaning which will heal you nicely.

EnHeart believes that each human being on this planet is the expression of the Divine, connected to the Highest Creative Power, which is within each and every one of us.

So she hopes that her music brings every listener peace, self-acceptance and self-love, inner wisdom, and most importantly freedom. Freedom to express ourselves in just a unique way.

Stylishly blending the calming, immersive nature of ambient sound design, with a clear creative & uninhibited backbone of identity, Artist EnHeart delivers a self-defined sensory experience like no other.  Home-made vocals and clear personality meet with a dreamy production style for this scene-setting, hard-hitting, and somewhat vintage new single from  “Highest Highs”.

An up-and-coming independent artist EnHeart keeps things honest and upfront throughout this true-story-based release. The track maintains a level of creative freedom to back this up as well. EnHeart has released an awesome video for this track and it is heart-touching at the same time.