Hungry For More by OneSmile 

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‘OneSmile’ delivers a delightfully dreamy piece of music, “Hungry For More,” to hip hop/rap music enthusiasts, blending outstanding sound design with a distinct yet swift vocal delivery, establishing a dance vibe all the way through.

On this latest album from hip hop’s ‘OneSmile,’ a stylistically engaging groove meets a wonderfully quick and rhythmic vocal. The soundtrack, in particular, draws you in from the start, and the sharp and clear finish blends beautifully with the traditional elements and layers that transport you to a simpler time.

Similarly, the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout have a distinct air of originality – decent production aids in the making of something ever-evolving and constantly entertaining.

This fusion of elements is as unique as possible in order to highlight the outstanding building blocks that form it what it is. The release includes a totally captivating video, an original pure rap take, and a noticeably more spacious and peaceful sound that still hits with force but allows for a more hard-hitting-inspired few minutes of escapism.

Following this, the vocal takes on a more familiar and wholly unique form, effectively tipping its hat to today’s hip-hop world. Still, the beat keeps things interesting, and the music that washes over you as it advances works well to give a sense of tranquility and contrast with the rhythm and outspoken personality of the singing.

The accompanying video features a sequence of similarly fascinating, surreal, and hypnotic graphics that perfectly match the tone of the song. It will be thrilling to see where the music can take ‘OneSmile’ in the future.

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