Hyped For You by Jelly Beanz

In Hyped For You, Jelly Beanz creates a colorful anthem with the help of world music vibes, upbeat dancehall bounce, and an unavoidably catchy tune.

Oliver, also well known as Jelly Beanz, is a 31 years old German Streamer on Twitch. And over the years, he really experienced what a hustle it can be to find some good quality background music for his stream. So at some point, he decided to just do it by himself. 

Not only for himself exclusively, but for all of you listeners and also Twitch Streamers out there, he is doing his mission to make great music! The Track “Hyped For You” is the main track of his first complete Tropical House Album named “Summer Paradise”. It tells a true love story because while recording this track, he fell in love with the amazing singer and she decided to be his girlfriend from then on. It’s a true masterpiece of emotion.

For the first time, classic dance rhythms and electric bass come together with that ever-present classical creative edge to create “Hyped For You,” an entirely immersive and surprisingly soulful new release.

It’s enjoyable for its increasing level of excitement, and it’s much better for its eventually multi-layered ambiance and a relentless, dreamlike array of synthesizers, voices, and rhythm.

As it proceeds through an undeniably romantic subject matter but a musicality that is contrastingly upbeat, “Hyped For You” manages to preserve a fresh melody and a genuinely touching notion while including the irresistible and enveloping weight of modern dance.

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