I Come From Earth

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The latest release “I Come From Earth” from “Harmony Dreamers” is one of epic
proportions. The feeling given off even just by the opening few moments of sound
is intense and captivating. The precise nature of the production is creative and
detailed, to the point that you’re completely drawn in by the effect of it – it’s
magnetic and ever impressive to experience.

The amazing title track is fresh, a truly unique sound. The creativity inherent in
these collaborations is sublime, consistently majestic, and always produced to the
absolute highest quality. The love of music, the passion for creating, is forever
clear, and however good the music is in the beginning it somehow still seems to get
better and better every time.

The track in its entirety seems to be soaked in a dreamlike layer of echo effect,
which in a way furthers the effect of the easy-going vibe – there’s nothing jarring or
loud about the music. Furthermore, the vocal performances featured throughout
are flawless – always stylish and creative in their delivery of melody and lyricism.
The structure of the track draws focus to the alternating voices in a really effective
way. The leading riff is fairly minimalist, but it works – it immediately wins your
attention and affection, and it also becomes familiar and comforting in an instant.

The leading vocal melody being so drenched in Pink Floyd-type spacey echo effect
makes the lyrics something of a distant flicker of poetry and emotion – it’s actually
an intriguing effect, you can pick up the lyrics, and the energy ties in well with
classic electronic vibes, though there’s a definite sense of personality to the words
throughout, and this gives audiences something to really relate to.

The amazing vocal that comes in, later on, adds a new sense of character, a
deeper tone, and a little more attitude and punk passion in the delivery – the vocal
flow here is superb, the performance is fresh and fits in perfectly with the somewhat
experimental, stop-start nature of the beat. The multiple drums and percussion that
are part of their sound are seamless woven in the most interesting beats. All
performances throughout are in fact on point, carrying the essence of the track
confidently and fitting in well with the general ambiance. The overall effect is that
the track is quite hypnotic, addictive even.

You may have figured out that I really like Harmony Dreamers’ title song from their
new album I Come from Earth. I look forward to hearing the rest of the 12 album
tracks, and I will be reviewing more tracks from this phenomenal new collection of

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