I Guess – Live by TuskHead

TuskHead’s music is so blissfully organic and gentle sounding that it’s extremely easy to press play and simply forget yourself for a while.I Guess – Live

 opens up with the melancholy picking of an acoustic guitar. Soon enough, the artist’s undeniably unique leading voice steps forward to express an unpredictable and beautifully appropriate string of lyrics. Patrick van Zandwijk, aka TuskHead, is a talented Dutch musician, singer, and songwriter whose sound is unique and distinguishable. Tuskhead shapes his sound, incorporating a blend of genres that, perfectly balanced, create that distinctive sound and emotional vibes that are his trademark.

When an artist is in deep contact with his music and truly believes in his creation, that music becomes Art. In the overcrowded and frenetic nowadays music scene, it is hard to find artists who take the time to create timeless songs, meaningful and emotional. TuskHead has the gift of turning dreams and emotions into memories and feelings, which only great artists have. The way in which the guitar riffs and the leading melody contrast and complement each other in this one works really well in creating this immense soundscape for listeners to lose themselves in.

The song “I Guess” somehow offers up a feeling of poetry – if ever music itself, were to represent the art of imagery. There are spoken words to the track that appear just briefly, the music calms itself down a little to make room for the ideas and images presented by the voice, but it’s more than this section alone that causes your mind to wander somewhere peaceful. The sound of this particular combination of instruments, and indeed, that leading, consistent riff, expresses a deeply thought-provoking piece of escapism. 

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